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EgyptAirIf I had to take a guess: food handlers at the airport put in a nerve gas that was released when the food trays were opened which may explain the erratic behavior of the flight path before the plane disappeared from radar.

Read more:  Before It Crashed I Warned My Readers About EgyptAir Flight 804 From Paris

is this a muslim woman or man?See the woman(?) in the photo? Suppose she came in front of you to apply for asylum. Do you ask her to lift her skirt and drop her panties to prove her gender?

Read more:  Half of Refugees Claiming to Be Children in Austria Are Adults

Mark Zuckerberg Is The Biggest Liberal Idiot AliveZuckerberg has the right to filter the news however he likes. But it would have been nice if someone with that much power treated all his users equally fairly.

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an Iraqi soldier being helped by US forcesTake for example this photo above of a poor Iraqi soldier being brutalized by US forces with a gun to his head.

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 Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine River at Remagen, GermanyA few days ago I was at an Apple store in Shorthills, N.J. I found out that only one person was between me and someone who fought at the Battle of Remagen.

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hillary clinton in jailI suspect that Hillary has millions of idiot admirers that would still pull the lever for her even if she were behind bars and millions of idiot anti-Trumpers that would vote for her as well.

Read more:  Hillary Clinton Can Still Run for President If She is Behind Bars

daily news anti-gun stanceSo when you meet an idiot who only reads liberal media and is completely clueless about the threat that Islam poses to western civilization, you know why.

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The Difference Between Gun-Free and Gun-Friendly StatesI believe that designating schools as "Gun-Free Zones" only makes the students sitting ducks for disturbed individuals.

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Democrats who helped poor peopleAfter much weighing and measuring utilizing the criteria where the most Americans are helped with the least cost or burden to its citzenry I have finally whittled the tens of thousands of successful and useful government programs down to these top 13

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copper implants for MuslimsAnd today I discovered that when a Muslim terrorist needs to speak with his God, some clever fellow invented a copper implant specifically designed for this.

Read more:  Microchip Implant Allows Islamic Terrorists to Speak to Allah

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