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hillary clinton in jailI suspect that Hillary has millions of idiot admirers that would still pull the lever for her even if she were behind bars and millions of idiot anti-Trumpers that would vote for her as well.

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daily news anti-gun stanceSo when you meet an idiot who only reads liberal media and is completely clueless about the threat that Islam poses to western civilization, you know why.

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The Difference Between Gun-Free and Gun-Friendly StatesI believe that designating schools as "Gun-Free Zones" only makes the students sitting ducks for disturbed individuals.

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Democrats who helped poor peopleAfter much weighing and measuring utilizing the criteria where the most Americans are helped with the least cost or burden to its citzenry I have finally whittled the tens of thousands of successful and useful government programs down to these top 13

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copper implants for MuslimsAnd today I discovered that when a Muslim terrorist needs to speak with his God, some clever fellow invented a copper implant specifically designed for this.

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a distracting flight passengerBut the worst distraction to my movie watching is when a young person taps away, klackity-klack, playing some game on his or her smartphone. For example, this young lady's tap-tapping on her phone made it impossible for me to pay attention to my movie.

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 Sept. 9, 2015 Hundreds of refugees walk in Southern Jutland motorway near Padborg in Denmark.Hundreds of unwelcome Muslim refugees, mostly men of military age, clog the highways near Padborg in Denmark.

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how to make a MuslimSo how can we make such an abomination? What complicated, esoteric, convoluted and bestial process would we have to undertake to create such an uncivilized, unthinking, uncaring, unfeeling and depraved turd of animal?

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senior discountsEvery now and then when I buy a cup of java at some coffeeshop, the cashier, unsolicited by me, will inform me that she's giving me a senior-citizen discount (yes, I have grey hair). Well, that's a pleasant business nicety - if you're not disappointed that you look old.

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3 Muslim women in full robesI was out for a walk when I came across 3 Muslim women in full robes. I thought to myself I should make an effort and try to talk to them to understand their culture

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